About suspension of service

Cancel membership・Personal Information due to service suspension on 5/22/2021.
個人情報については、PointCup.comの一定利用期間終了後、速やかに弊社が責任を持って消去させていただきますので、お客様ご自身で退会手続きを行っていただく必要はございませんが、お客様のご希望で事前にご退会いただくことも可能です。 事前のご退会希望のお客様は、「お問い合わせ」より、ご退会希望の旨をご連絡いただけますようお願い申し上げます。
Point refund (refund to online wallet site)
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About new services

New Point Exchange Site and Member Stores.
Our company has started the service of a new point exchange site "POINT INOUT".
Please note that POINT INOUT's member stores are different from Point Cup.
For details, please visit the POINT INOUT page.

Registration, login, logout, etc.

Forgot my password.
If you've forgotten your log-in password, please reset your password password at the top of the site.
I can’t login.
There may be an error in the information you entered, or you may have already applied for a membership termination.
If you have not applied for membership termination, please reset your password by.
You are not allowed to use the account that has already been applied for membership termination.
We are very sorry, but please register again from new member.
Confirmation email not received.
We will automatically send a confirmation email at the time of membership registration and a password reissue email to your email address.
If you do not find the email in your inbox, please check your spam filter or bulk email folder.
If you cannot find it even in the spam folder, there is a possibility that it has been deleted from the provider as spam mail.
In that case, we apologize for the inconvenience, please contact .
I want to change member registration information.
After logging in to the member page, you can change your account information from member information .
I want to cancel my membership from POINTCUP.COM.
If you would like to terminate your account from this site, please contact us at or .
※ Please be aware that your points will be deleted after you terminate your membership, and you will not be able to use them when you have completed your termination.

About the use of POITCUP.COM

I want to know how to use the points.
For how to purchase points, please refer to How to purchase points.
In addition, the point movement method is explained in the point movement method, so please check there.
Points are decreasing even though I didn't purchase it.
Please contact us and let us know the details so that we can investigate the cause.
We will contact you as soon as we confirm the details.
I bought points, but they haven't increased.
Please contact us and let us know the details so that we can investigate the cause.
We will contact you as soon as we confirm the details.
I bought points, but I want to cancel it.
We are very sorry, but if you purchase at your own will, we cannot cancel (refund) after the payment is completed.
I cannot transfer points to a member store.
Please visit a member store site first and complete the depositing procedure from the member store site to transfer points.
I would like to know the maximum amount of points that can be transferred to a member store.
20,000.00pt / time
20,000.00pt / day
100,000.00pt / month

* If the total points, from the time you would like to move points to 24 hours or 30 days ago, exceed the above limit, you will not be able to move points to member stores.