How to move points

Move points from POINTCUP.COM to a merchant site

If you do not have enough balance on POINTCUP.COM, you need to purchase points from 'WaFA' in advance.

【STEP 1】
★To transfer your points into Merchant Sites, always start the deposit procedure from Merchant sites' side.

At first, access to the Merchant Site and log in, then proceed to "Deposit" request.
Next, select "POINTCUP.COM" as a deposit method and put your "POINTCUP.COM" account number correctly.
Finally, tap "Deposit" button and you will go back to "POINTCUP.COM" site automatically.
【STEP 2】
After the log-in on POINTCUP.COM, select "Move Points" from the list on the left-hand side.
【STEP 3】
Enter the amount of points as you would like to transfer and tap "Content confirmation".
*You can transfer points from at least 10.00 pt.
【STEP 4】
Confirm your entry thoroughly and tap "Move Points".
【STEP 5】
Point Transfer is completed, as you can find the following message.

"Thank you for using our service!
The points transfer has been completed.
Transfer complete notification has been sent to your email address."

Go to the Merchant Site and confirm if your points have been properly transferred.