Privacy Policy

The Point Cup (hereinafter referred to as our site), complies with laws and other norms concerning personal information.
We make every effort to ensure proper use and protect your personal information.

Article 1: Purpose

The point cup membership agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions") is intended to specify the matters which the members who use this site should observe in using it.

Handling of personal information after ending our service

We will responsibly delete all registered personal information (name/mail address/password) of every single customers as soon as our service officially ended.

About collection of personal information

We may collect personal information to the extent necessary in the following cases:.
  • ・ When inquiring to this site
  • ・ When applying for service to this site
  • ・ When using this site and a member store service

About the purpose of use of personal information.

We will not disclose or provide any personal information obtained from you to any third party. " The exceptions are.
  • ・ When there is consent of the person
  • ・ When requested by relevant authorities, etc.

About disclosure and correction of personal information

The Site will respond promptly to requests for disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information from customers.

Contact for personal information protection